How To Get Rid Of Five O Clock Shadow

how to get rid of five o clock shadow

How To Get Rid Of Five O Clock Shadow – Detailed Guide

Based on close observation, many men wake up in the morning, shave their hair, get dressed, go to work, and feel terrible after checking themselves.

As a man, you may discover that your facial hair has come back, and your jaw and chin have become darker than they were.

You’d begin to wonder, how to get rid of five o clock shadow?

A 5 o’clock shadow is usually the beginning of the beard that shows up in the afternoon on the face of a man who didn’t shave in the morning.

It’s natural and completely normal because it is just your facial hair starting to grow back after shaving.

The short hair is what makes it a shadow appearance. Men have been divided; some have a shadowy look and think it looks rough.

However, several men struggle to get rid of this by taking it off. Some men even find what they are trying to get rid of after shaving, which means they didn’t do it correctly.

What causes 5 o’clock Shadow?

There are only two reasons behind the 5 o’clock shadow issue after shaving. It can be because you use poor shaving techniques and tools or because of your thick facial hair.

The first thing to consider is if you are following the proper shaving process. Using the wrong techniques and tools is a reason why you have a 5 o’clock shadow.

Shaving against the direction of your hair, not cleaning your blades after a few strokes, and not pulling your skin tight are the mistakes that lead to the 5 o’clock shadow.

Secondly, using an electric shaver is an excellent way to increase your chance of having a 5 o’clock or a 3 O’clock shadow.

The best tool to use is a razor blade because this electric razor may cause a barrier between your skin and the blades, making them incapable of providing close shaves.

In a case where you still experience no difference even after trying the techniques to shave, it may be because of your thick facial hair.

Guide On How To Get Rid Of Five O Clock Shadow

In this section, we’ll be showing you simple steps¬†to get rid of 5 o’clock shadow. All you need to do is ensure you keep to all the instructions and watch the dramatic transformation that follows.

Prepare Your Skin

The best way to do this is to head straight to your bathroom sink, splash your face with warm water, or take a warm shower.

This is necessary because water exposes and opens up the pores, softens your beard, and makes the whole process easy.

All you need to do is make sure the water is not too hot or can affect your skin. Then after that, gently clean your face with a dry towel.

Apply Shaving Cream to Your Face

It helps to raise follicles and helps to aid in the exfoliation of your skin. Make sure you use the suitable shaving cream to benefit your skin significantly and give a smooth result.

Avoid shaving creams with some ingredients such as menthol because it will close up your pores and make your hair harder to shave.

Start Shaving with the grain

Start shaving in the direction your hair is growing, which means shaving with the grain.

Pay attention to the directions because hairs can grow in different directions. Don’t do this in a hurry. Start with slow strokes, then add some pressure and rinse your razor after a few strokes.

Rinse Your Blade

Make sure your blade is rinsed with warm water after doing it for some time to keep the debris and hair building up in the blades.

The hair buildup and debris in the blades can affect your razor’s glide, making it hard to shave.

However, rinsing it with hot water will keep the blades warm and make it easy to cut away hair to the follicle.

Second Round

Once you are done with the first process, the next is to apply the second layer of the shaving cream to remove any remaining hair.

In this case, you need to pull your skin tight and make strong strokes against the direction of your hair growth. Here are things to do in the second round:

Wash Your Face Again

Just as you did in the first round, you will have to rinse your face with no soap. Just warm water and then cold water to close the pores that have already been opened.

Aftershave Time

After you are done, apply some aftershave home style. But make sure it is not alcohol because alcohol dries out your skin.

Other Methods to Stop Five O’clock Shadow


To get rid of this 5 O’clock shadow, you can do it at home through the waxing process. This is a painful one. But notwithstanding, you are ripping out the root of your beard to achieve your best look.

The positive thing about waxing is that your hair follicle will come back thinner and less often the more you are consistently using the waxing process. When you use waxing, your first hair won’t be the same the second time.


The awkward thing about laser hair treatment is that it is expensive but will give you a long-lasting impact. But before doing laser, it is good to consider if it is something you want a long-term solution to.

Even though the pain isn’t like waxing, it is uncomfortable. The pain is like that of getting a tattoo. It is not the worst pain you will ever experience, but it is undoubtedly not easy.


Shaving is a hair treatment commonly used to remove facial hairs and get rid of 5 O’clock. Choosing the right shaving brush and cream depends on your skin, which can make a difference to your shave.

How Do You Stop 5 O’clock Shadow from Happening?

By following the proper techniques and tools, it is possible to get rid of the 5 O’clock shadow. Here are simple and effective pre-shave routines that can help you achieve the closest shave possible.

Cleanse and Exfoliate

The first way to stop this 5 O’clock shaving is to clean and exfoliate your skin. This helps you get rid of the dead skin cells and bacteria, giving you a smoother shave with a few or no ingrown hairs.

Use a good cleanser and exfoliator that matches your skin and scrub your face and skin to remove the debris.

Use Hot Towel

With a hot towel, you can reduce your chances of having the 5 O’clock shadow while shaving. The hot towel opens up pores and loosens the whiskers, making it quick and easy.

In the case of applying this hot towel on your face, apply it for 30 minutes to help soften the hair and reduce any chance of razor hurt.


This is a very important step, especially after a great shave. It keeps your face moisturized and fresh. Always allow your razor to get close to the skin, removing hairs at close range. Also, keep a moisturizer handy after each shave.

Let It Grow

Some men hate that the 5 O’clock shadow makes them look messy, unattractive, and unprofessional. The solution to this is to let that hair grow into a well-maintained and well-trimmed beard that looks elegant.

Beards are becoming a fast trend; the clean-shaven look is being long forgotten. So maybe you need to stop worrying and start growing!


A 5 o’clock shadow is something that happens unintentionally and naturally. Some men love it to be well-trimmed and styled. Some men want to shave their beards at all costs, which is also good.

It would be best to use a razor blade to get rid of 5 o clock shadow issues. A razor will work better than an electric shaver in this case, but you should be careful to avoid cuts.

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