Electric Razor Burn: Treatment, Causes & Preventions

electric razor burn treatment

Electric Razor Burn Treatment: Everything You Need To know

Razor burns are mostly associated with shaving. They manifest as burning sensations, redness, or swellings on the skin after shaving.

Razor burns are not only caused by shaving done with razor blades but can also be caused by electric shavers.

There are several factors responsible for razor burns. They include the type of razor blade used in shaving, shaving technique, maintenance of shaving blades.

People with sensitive skin tend to experience razor burns more often than others. A significant advantage of electric shavers over razor blades is the comfort associated with the shaving process.

Electric razor burns can also be caused by the application of excessive pressure to the skin while shaving.

Electric shavers that vibrate more aggressively while shaving can also result in razor Burns.

When pressure is applied to the sensitive skin, it causes small bits of skin tissues to poke through perforations in the blades, thereby scraping a shallow layer of skin cells.

Electric Razor Burn Treatment

Electric razor burns are treated with caution since time can reduce some symptoms of electric burns.

During this period, you should avoid shaving the affected area so that the healing process takes place more effectively.

Persons who experience itching and heat around the infected area can dip a washcloth in cold water and apply it to the skin.

Infected persons can also use oils for aloe vera and avocado to calm itching. Some persons experience dryness on the area of skin affected by the burns.

You can rinse your skin and dry it by patting it. It would be best if you endeavored not to rub the affected skin to avoid causing more irritations.

You can apply a lotion, moisturizer, or aftershave creams as a remedy for skin dryness. Products with alcohol can irritate and should be avoided.

When you experience inflammation, you can apply home remedies like tea tree oil and water, witch hazel extract, apple cider vinegar, and oatmeal.

Over the counter options like topical creams containing hydrocortisone can reduce swelling and calm redness on the skin.

When symptoms persist even after trying out some of these treatments, you can visit a doctor who would recommend oral antibiotics that can be taken.

Other Causes Of Electric Razor Burns Include

  1. Shaving against your hair’s direction
  2. using old and rusted razors
  3. shaving a particular area multiple numbers of times
  4. being too quick while shaving
  5. use of shaving products that irritate the skin
  6. shaving without the use of a lubricant like soap or shaving cream

Every shaving instrument must be maintained and kept healthy to avoid infections and skin diseases. Blades used in shaving countless times can most readily cause burns on the skin when they are used.

Guide On How To Prevent Electric Razor Burns

Here are hits to prevent the occurrence of burns while shaving with electric shavers

Use the right electric shaver 

You must choose the best electric shavers for carrying out shaving. The effectiveness of the shave depends on the type of electric blade used.

Quality electric blades are gentle and soft on the skin. The Braun series tops the list of recommended shavers because, unlike other brands, it pays attention to the customer’s comfort.

Avoid dull blades

When blades become dull and worn out, it produces lots of discomforts while shaving.

Full blades directly cause an increase in the amount of pressure applied while shaving.

The more pressure applied, the more burns produced. You must ensure to monitor electric blades for appearances of dullness or worn out foils.

Another effect of worn-out blades is an increased shaving time. During this period, the shaving head heats up faster as more pressure is applied to the shave.

Blade lubrication  

Ensure that your blades are lubricated frequently to prolong the blade’s life and prevent the generation of heat while shaving.

Most electric shavers come with automatic cleaning stations. If it doesn’t come with one, ensure that you Lubricate the shavers more frequently. Lubrication is relatively inexpensive and requires little expertise.

Clean your razor after each use

After shaving, dead skin particles, debris, hairs accumulate on the blades. This affects the performance of the blade the next time it is used.

The collected particles are an enabling condition for the growth of bacterias. Some razors have cleaning and charging stations that carry out automatic sanitization, lubrication, and drying of the shaver. Modern electric shavers can be washed with warm water after use.

Proper Charging of  your electric shaver 

This is important because many electric shavers require a minimum battery charge to function effectively.

 Apply the right Shaving technique

This is another primary reason why people end up with razor burns. Applying too much pressure on your skin is not advisable as the blades will easily burn off skin areas

Shaver’s are made to carry out shaving with little effort applied. When you shave, start with the most sensitive area.

This would be the neck region for most men. This helps you feel more comfortable and enables a thorough shave.

It would be best if you also understood that the electric shavers are sensitive enough to scrape off tiny hair particles.

You don’t need to go over a particular area numerous times to ensure all the hair particles are taken off.

When shaving, strokes are in the direction against the grain. This helps electric shavers capture hairs more effectively on their foils.

With rotary razors, the overlapping of blade movement in a circular manner will ensure better shaving

You can try reversing the action both in the clockwise and anticlockwise direction, depending on the grain’s direction. Remember, the strokes must be in the opposite direction with the grains.

A final thought on electric razor burn

Shaving is what we do to look good and clean. We tend to do this regularly, knowing some tricks and tips on how to prevent or treat razor burn is essential to every shaver.

Razor burns are usually manageable on your own with proper treatment. It would take a few days but eventually clear up.

Some other infections might come with shaving, an example is a folliculitis which is an infection of the hair follicles.

These types of infections can also be managed and treated on their own. However, if you experience severe infections from your shaving, you might have to visit your doctor for proper medical treatment.

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