Effects Of Shaving With A Rusty Razor

effects of shaving with a rusty razor

What Are The Effects Of Shaving With A Rusty Razor?

Metals are susceptible to rust when they are wet. Their constant exposure to water, humidity in the bathroom, and shaving lubricants will cause the razor to become rusty.

As a result, it leads to scratches, cuts, and painful experiences. As a man, you will have to shave your facial hair regularly, if not daily, to ensure you have an excellent and well-styled look.

It would be best to get it right because you will be doing it regularly. Shaving is a technique that might result in any skin issues if done with the wrong tools and not done correctly. It is something that needs your adequate care.

A clean razor that is rusty-free is ideal for shaving. This is because when it comes to shaving, the condition of your razor is critical.

A clean, new and sharp razor gives you a faster and better cut than using a rusty one. It also helps avoid acne and other skin conditions when shaving with a rusty razor.

It is essential to avoid using a rusty razor at all costs because you are risking contracting an infection.

If you want to shave your facial hair, you can do this with a good, new, and shaped razor, and with this, you can avoid harming your skin.

Keep reading to find out the effects of shaving with a rusty razor and how to clean and maintain one.

Effects Of Shaving With A Rusty Razor?

You may have read about the dangers of using a rusted razor for shaving, but here are the actual reasons you shouldn’t use it.


Most dangerous bacteria and viruses thrive on the surface of rusty razor blades. When a razor gets rusty, it naturally has many bacteria captured on its surface.

So having in contact with this kind of blade makes the microorganisms directly contact your skin through cuts caused by the rusty razor.

Using a rusty razor is dangerous because it exposes your face to infections like Folliculitis and this infection causes bumps on your face that resemble the rusty razor.

The razor already infected with bacteria on causes abscesses. Many people can also get tetanus and other illnesses from a rusted razor.

So it would be best if you tried all means to avoid the use. Prevention is better and cheaper than cure.

Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs appear when dead skin clogs the pores and prevents hair from penetrating the skin.

This usually happens if your facial hair is shaved with a rusty or dull razor because the short hairs grow back in a sharp shape.

If you shave with a rusted razor, apply an after-shave gel or an antibiotic to eliminate any bacteria that may have contaminated your skin during the shave.

Razor burns

The razor burns are caused by shaving too hard or with a dull blade when dry shaving causes razor burn, which is one of the types of shaving.

It usually appears after a few minutes of shaving and can evolve into a rash if severe enough.


You can’t use a rusty razor without having it cut. This is because you will be applying more force when such incisions are paired with rusty, bacteria-prone blades, a fatal mix that swiftly leads to infection.

Bad Shave

With the rusty blade, you will waste all your time and energy and still get a bad result. Nothing can be more frustrating than this.

It will be time-consuming because you will want to shave your skin to acquire a perfect shape while using a rusty razor. As a result of this, you will acquire scrapes.

Cleaning Your Rusty Razor

If it is a must, you use a rusty razor after it has rusted, which is likely to happen at night because razors are inexpensive, and you can get them anywhere.

Cleaning a rusty razor is not difficult and not time-consuming, but because of its sharp edges, you must clean them with care. This will protect you from cuts; in some cases, you can wear gloves.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on getting rid of rust

Clean with White Vinegar

Cleaning your rusty razor with white vinegar acidity will aid in removing the rust from the razor blades.

You can also add sea salt because it is an abrasive that, when added with vinegar, can help to remove rust.

Although you can’t find sea salt in some cases, you can use the common table salt; sea salt has a coarser texture and is suitable for rubbing.

To get to work, do this:

  • Collect the necessary items: To get started with the cleaning, get some sea salt or table salt, white vinegar, and a toothbrush. To disinfect the bacteria on it, prepare a clean and soft towel, cotton balls, and alcohol.
  • Wet the razor blade. It is essential to rinse the rusty razor under running water. Then make a paste out of any salt you see and a vinegar. Soak the razor in a bowl of vinegar and salt for 30 minutes.
  • Scrub the blade with a toothbrush with paste. In this case, take a spoon of talk with a bit of vinegar to make a paste.
  • Scrub the blade with the paste loaded on the toothbrush. Here, you must dip your toothbrush in the paste until all the bristles are covered. Make sure you do this with a glove in your hands and rub the blade thoroughly.
  • Clean the blade with water. After there is no more paste left on the razor, rinse it under running water. Then ensure to examine the razor to make sure there are no traces of rust.

Why does my razor rust so quickly?

If you notice your razor is getting rusting quickly, it is most likely because your razor blades are exposed to moisture and high humidity in your bathroom.

This causes rust to form on the metal. Once you have this rusty sign on your blade, all you need to do immediately is rinse it under running water, and with this, you will be able to use your razor blades safely for much longer.

Once the blade is dried, clean them with Vaseline or a tiny amount of baby oil. The water on it will resist this.

What should I do to prevent my razor from rusting?

Prevent your razor blade from rusting by coating it in oil, if not eliminating it. So these are the procedures you should employ.

Leaving it in the shower is not a good idea

When metal is exposed to moisture for a long time, it will undoubtedly lead to rust. And once a speck of rust appears, it will quickly spread.

After each use, air it out

Once you’re done using the blade, it’s important that you rinse it properly to remove dead skin cells. Dry the blade well with a ball of wool to remove any moisture.

It should be kept in a dry environment

Store your razor blade outside your bathroom. Leaving it in a shower will make it rust faster. Instead, store the razor somewhere else, such as in a drawer or on a shelf outside the bathroom and away from moisture.


All varieties of razor blades are terrific and regularly used devices for guys who regard facial hair management. Using a rusted razor is never a brilliant idea.

Shaving your facial hair with a sharp and new razor blade is the best approach to maintaining glowing skin. It is advised to change the razor before it becomes irritated.

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