Comprehensive Guide To Black Men Beard Care


black men beard care

Black Men Beard Care – Tame Your Beard With This Guide

Most black men out there have unpleasant and painful experiences when it comes to shaving with an electric shaver.

And, this is due to the fact their skin is prone to more sensitivities and their hair is in a unique category of its own.

It is coarse, thick, curly, and tightly coiled. Why is this bad? After a shave, the hair tends to grow back into the skin and puncture it, which results in ingrown hairs.

The hair is more prone to do this because it curls and will be sharper than normal after a fresh shave.

This is why growing a beard might sound like a reprieve for most black males out there.

Not only will it provide them with a unique look, but also it will help avoid those potential side effects that come along with shaving. That being said, growing a beard will not be easy and it will take some work.

Take Advantage Of The Right Products

When growing a beard black men will find that their beards become drier and will need extra moisture than normal.

The proper and right amounts of moisture will not only prevent the beards from becoming dry, but it will prevent it from breaking.

This is why it is imperative to choose grooming products that can hydrate facial hair and skin.

This might sound like an easier task than it really is due to the fact that most soaps and shampoos actually dry out the skin and strip it of its natural oils.

This is why it might be best to stay away from commercial soaps and shampoos. Naturally hot processed soaps and cleaning oils might really be the best option for your unique characteristics.

Black Men And Beard Wash

If you have already been using regular hair shampoo on your beard, you have probably noticed irritation and itching shortly after washing the beard.

And, this is due to the above-described qualities of these commercially produced shampoos.

Your specific hair will require a little more care and attention. Your facial hair needs more amounts of moisture and this type of shampoo is just going to deprive it of that moisture.

This is why you need to take advantage of good beard shampoo. Beard shampoo is a specific type of shampoo that will cleanse your beard without sucking the moisture out of it.

And, you do not want to apply it more than once a week. Any more and you run the risk of irritating the skin even further.

However, if the beard feels oily or unclean during this time frame, you can try shampooing every couple of days.

The goal is to make sure that the beard is good and clean so that it can grow effectively without hindering the skin in the process.

There are also a number of conditioners available on the market that you should be taking advantage of. Condition your beard every time you shampoo it and never more.

Black Men And Beard Oil

After you have successfully cleaned and conditioned your beard, it will be imperative to utilize a good beard oil.

Beard oil is a unique type of oil that was specifically designed to hydrate your beard and the skin underneath the hair.

Not only do these products properly hydrate the skin, but they reduce the risks of skin inflammation and ingrown hairs.

Grapeseed, apricot, jojoba, and other natural oils will keep the skin safe while adding a nice little shine to your beard.

There are even some scented versions available if you want to add a little more flair to your arsenal.

Whatever you do just make sure that you are utilizing natural products because other fragrant oils could cause the skin to become red or inflamed.

These types of oil will be especially crucial during the first six weeks of the growing process.

You Must Be Patient

As you can already see to this point growing a beard is a lot of work and you aren’t even close to done yet. The first initial stages of hair growth will be the most difficult and crucial.

You might even experience some razor bumps or patchy spots. Patchy spots are areas of the bear where the hair is denser than others.

It might look unpleasant and be a little painful, but ass the hair grows longer, the less likely you are to develop razor bumps.

Just keep in mind that whatever you do, you do not start trimming, cutting, or styling your beard before four weeks.

You really need to see the whole picture in order to understand the best styling options that are available to you.

Black Men And Moisturizers

Any man that is attempting to grow a luscious beard will need to moisturize his beard, as it will promote healthy hair growth and keep the skin below hydrated.

However, this is something that will be crucial for black men. Hydrating is especially important.

You already know that your skin is more prone to drier conditions. The right moisturizing products will keep the skin and beard sufficiently hydrated.

Black Men And Beard Balm

Beard balm is another essential for any black man that is looking to grow a beard. In fact, this might be one of the most important products on the list.

Why is this product so important? Beard balm is a specific type of balm that seals your face and traps moisture.

A beeswax version will probably be your best option because it will not only seal the moisture in your face but will help you shape your beard as well.

Black Men And Bears Combs

A beard comb is another product that the black male will find handy throughout their conquest.

Not only can you use this device to style your beard, but also it can help clean the beard while keeping irritation at bay.

You want to look for one that comes equipped with smooth teeth. The wooden combs will probably be best for black men due to the fact your hair is curly and coiled.

Comb your hair on a frequent basis because when the hair is twisted, it really prevents natural growth and could potentially lead to split ends.

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