Top 8 Best Balding Clippers For Black Hair 2023 – (Detailed Guide)

When it comes to buying the best balding clippers for black hair, quality is always the first thing to remember.

Not only must the clipper sport an excellent design, but it should also be able to give you a comfortable yet close cut that will help you achieve that smooth, bald look you desire.

They should also provide an ergonomic handle for easy control while being completely safe to use.

Making the right pick out of the numerous options you will find on the market might be the hardest decision ever.

You need a head clipper that will offer a close shave on the scalp without causing any skin irritation and still not cost you more than you can afford.

Luckily for you, you won’t have to check through the numerous options as we have brought all the best picks together in this article.

We chose from all the leading brands and included options with corded and cordless functionality.

These clippers are designed to work with thick, coarse hair, the hair type of most black men.

This review will go through some of the best bald-head clippers for black men available on the market. Also, we will explore a few factors you should consider when making a purchase.

best balding clippers for black hair

Complete Guide To The Best Balding Clippers for Black Hair

#1. Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip Review

wahl professional magic clip

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Wahl is a well-known brand in the industry and has proven time and time again why its products remain very popular among users.

When you’re talking about quality and reliability, their products got it, and best of all, they won’t require you to break the bank to purchase.

Considering the reputation of the brand in the grooming market, it comes as no surprise that one of its best products with thousands of positive ratings from previous users made it to this list.

The Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clipper is a heavy-duty, adjustable 5-Star clipper designed to meet the needs of men with thick and coarse hair.

High Precision Blades

The Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip comes equipped with high precision blades that won’t pull hair for those with more hair and will deliver quick cuts for those with already thinning hair.

It also features a taper level for fading and blending. You get 8 attachment guides and a bunch of other accessories that make shaving less of a chore.

Cordless and Corded Capability

Lastly, there is the battery life. The Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip can deliver cordless and corded cutting capability but you might enjoy the cordless option best.

If you’re not close to a power source, you can always rely on the battery to give you a clean shave without running out of juice. The clipper runs on a lithium-ion battery that delivers a 90+ minute run time on a single charge.


  • High precision, zero-overlap blades
  • 90+ minute run-time per charge
  • Perfect for blending and fades
  • Compact and lightweight design


  • Clipper loses power after several months
  • The design could be more durable

Overall Assessment

If you’re concerned about durability and reliability, then the Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clipper is an option to go for.

The clipper would maintain the same superb performance for years to come without requiring constant maintenance.

 #2. Wahl Professional 5-Star #8110

bald head tools

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Wahl is one of the leading brands in the grooming industry so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that two of its top products appeared on our list.

The Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper #8110 is on a different level sporting a clean modern aesthetic while maintaining its ergonomic principles that allow for easy handling and use.

Compact and Lightweight Design

The skin-friendly design features a smooth steel base with rounded cutting attachments that ensure a comfortable clipping experience with every use.

It measures 6.25 inches long and weighs just 1lb. Considering the compact size, moving the clipper around won’t be much of a hassle and it is also lightweight enough so you won’t have issues with handling.

Titanium Cutting Blades

This clipper features professional German-milled Titanium cutting blades that will not only deliver smooth and clean-cut but won’t dull like regular blades.

These high-durable blades feature self-sharpening technology which means they will sharpen with every use.

8-foot Power Cord

The Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper #8110 is corded so you would have to keep it plugged in whenever you want to shave.

You won’t have to worry about staying too close to the power source as the clipper comes with an 8-foot, professional-grade cord that gives you plenty of space to shave.


  • 8-foot, professional-grade cord
  • Comes with accessories
  • Features a powerful electromagnetic motor
  • Comes with self-sharpening blades


  • Blades could rust when exposed to moisture
  • Clipper could get hot during use

Overall Assessment

If you’re in the market for a corded balding shaver that will deliver the right performance and not poke a hole in your pocket, then the Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper #8110 easily makes for the right pick.

#3. Oster Classic 76 Universal

oster classic

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The Oster Classic 76 features the same classic design that has become quite common with shavers from the brand.

This shaver comes with all the right perks and you won’t have to worry about the cons because they aren’t really significant.

When it comes to pricing, the clipper is quite affordable though it isn’t the most affordable option on the market. The good news is that you get a high-quality product for an insanely cheap price.

High-quality Performance

Top-notch cutting performance is delivered through a powerful, single-speed universal motor designed to provide enough power for heavy-duty use.

This means the shaver’s detachable blades would deliver a clean cut regardless of how thick your hair is.

Durable Build

You will also find the design to be of high quality. The market is already flooded with options that perform extremely well for a few weeks or months but once you run them for a year, they start to fail.

The Oster Classic 76 is a high-end option flaunting an ultra-durable, break-resistant housing that would last through falls and keep the clipper running for years.

The design is also ergonomic allowing for easy handling so you can reach all areas without difficulty.

This clipper is a corded type so it comes with a 9-foot power cord that gives you all the freedom you need.


  • Powerful, single-speed universal motor
  • Detachable blades
  • Ultra-durable, break-resistant housing
  • 9-foot power cord


  • A bit pricey
  • Design looks old-fashioned

Overall Assessment

The Oster Classic 76 is one of the most durable options on our list. It is also one of the most reliable picks. It features a powerful motor that actually delivers when in use.

#4. Andis Master Cordless

andis master cordless

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Andis is another option that is trusted among users in the industry. This brand offers models with unmatchable grooming prowess and that deliver high-quality performance even with years of use.

The Andis Master Cordless Clipper is one of the best products from its inventory, a trusted option that will deliver a close, smooth cut with no effort at all.

Ergonomic Design

Diving into the details, the Andis Master Cordless Clipper features a stunning design that is quite eye-catching to say at the least.

The ergonomic-friendly design means you won’t have to worry about cramps and fatigue when shaving for long hours. This makes it a great pick for beginners that want to practice shaving their heads.

Lithium-ion Battery

The shaver weighs less than 10oz and allows for corded or cordless use. For users that prefer the cordless option, the lithium-ion battery delivers over 90 minutes of run-time which is enough for any user.

Charging the battery would take about 1 hour.  On the shaver, you will find an LED light that indicates the battery power levels. This ensures you never run out of juice while shaving.

High-Speed Adjustable Blades

The Andis Master Cordless Clipper comes with high-speed adjustable blades that can be zero-gapped to ensure the neatest performance.

The carbon steel blades offer a neat performance so you won’t have to worry about hair pulling or skin irritation afterward.

This is also made possible by a high-speed rotary motor with speeds of up to 7,200 SPM featuring constant speed technology.


  • Cord/Cordless operation
  • High-speed adjustable blade
  • The blade can be zero-gapped
  • Weighs less than 10 oz


  • Loud operation
  • Quite expensive

Overall Assessment

The Andis Master Cordless Clipper is not the most affordable option on the market but it is one of the best you will ever come across. Its powerful motor and sharp blades will deliver a performance that won’t decline for years to come.

#5. Ritter H&B.C Professional

ritter zero cut

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If you’re up for a close, zero-gapped shave, then the Ritter H&B.C Hair Clipper is one tool you would never go wrong with.

This professional trimmer packs a powerful motor, low-noise operation, and long-lasting batteries that make it ideal for all types of users.

It is an easy-to-use option that would deliver consistent performance and would be totally worth the investment.

Zero-Overlap Blades

The Ritter H&B.C Hair Clipper comes fully ready to go. It features two blade settings, 1/4″ and 1/8″ making it one of the best picks for guys already going bald or already sporting the hairless look.

The blades are stunningly sharp so they won’t painfully pull or tug on the hair. The clipper comes with sharp, zero-gapped carbon steel blades capable of shaving down to 0.004″ (0.1mm) with complete ease.

Powerful Motor

The trimmer blades are paired with a powerful 7-watt 6000rpm motor that delivers enough power to get the blades gliding smoothly through the thickest, coarsest hairs.

The blade also packs the right accessories so you can always get the right look without spending more on accessories. You will find detachable blades, guides, and a water-resistant bag which is a nice addition.

Corded/Cordless Performance

You won’t have to worry about running out of power or not being able to shave your head while on trips

This trimmer offers you corded and cordless performance. You get a 10ft power cable you can plug into a power source for corded use.

If you want more freedom, simply charge the battery and you 60 minutes of cordless use of the trimmer.

The Ritter H&B.C Hair Clipper measures just 4 inches. It is a compact size option that would fit right into your pocket so moving it about shouldn’t be much of a hassle.


  • Powerful 7-watt 6000 RPM motor
  • Up to 60 minutes of run time
  • Sharp zero-gapped carbon steel blades
  • Compact size


  • Not entirely best for men with sensitive skin
  • Not the best fit for men with large hands.

Overall Assessment

The corded and cordless dual functionality on the Ritter H&B.C Hair Clipper makes it a nice option for travelers.

This shaver not only delivers the right power for clean shaves but its sharp blades will offer some impressive performance for years and years to come.

#6. Oster Model 10 Classic Professional


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The Oster Model 10 is a sleek option that comes with a rather unconventional design. This clipper seems to take a more traditional look that it makes for a more durable build that will stand the test of time.

This compact-sized option is loaded with enough power to deliver a stellar performance but you might find its design the most impressive feature to look forward to.

Durable Design

Note this, clippers aren’t the most durable products out there. If they slip and fall, you’d have to look forward to repairs or a replacement.

The Oster Model 10 is not one of those clippers. It comes with durable, break-resistant housing that will keep it going even after a few falls.

Heavy-duty Motor

The clipper features a heavy-duty, universal motor designed to deliver top-notch cutting performance on any hair type and provide all-day usage, which makes it a great pick for professional barbers.

The Classic 76 detachable blades also come in handy. They feature a high-quality build that will stand the test of time so you won’t have to worry about them getting dull too quickly.

Affordable Price

One of the best features of the Oster Model 10 is its price. This clipper doesn’t cost as much as the other options that have appeared on this list even though it offers the same level of quality.

Note that this clipper is a corded product. You get a 10ft power cord which should give you plenty of freedom to shave just from any location.


  • Comes with detachable blades
  • Powerful, universal motor
  • Durable, break-resistant housing
  • 10 ft power cord


  • A bit pricey
  • Could get warm during use

Overall Assessment

The Oster Model 10 is a pretty decent corded clipper packed with nice features including a durable design that will withstand the test of time. The affordability, powerful motor, and sharp blades are some nice features that make it a good pick.

#7. Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro


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The Remington HC4250 is an evolutionary shaver featuring a unique design that makes it the traveler’s best pick.

This clipper is designed to fit comfortably into your hand so that you can not only shave your head but also those hard-to-reach areas like your neckline, around your ears, and the back of your head.

Stainless Steel Blades

It packs stainless steel blades that will cut even through the thickest hair without

pulling or snagging. You can also choose any styling options you want by making use of the 14-piece accessory kit.

You will find length-adjusting combs that allow you to create your own style, which is a nice option for men who don’t want to go completely bald.

Long-lasting Battery

The Remington HC4250 is entirely cordless and that is pretty much a good thing considering how small it is.

The battery would give you a runtime of 40 minutes which is more than enough time for a complete shave, however, the charging time is not the best.

You would have to plug it in for up to 4 hours which is way too long considering the run-time time. Finally, the clipper is extremely easy to clean and maintain.

It is washable featuring removable blades and an integrated washout port so you can just rinse it under a running tap to get it clean.


  • The battery provides 40 minutes of cordless runtime
  • Extra-wide curved blade
  • Can be rinsed with water after use
  • Non-slip grip for easy use


  • Battery loses power after several months of use
  • Build quality could be improved

Overall Assessment

If you’re not a regular user, then the Remington HC4250 is pretty much the perfect pick. It is extremely affordable and easy to maintain. Also, it delivers neat clean cuts while allowing you to reach all areas with complete ease.

 #8. Wahl Clipper Lithium Ion 79600-2101

wahl hair cutting

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The Wahl Clipper 79600-2101 is a premium hair clipper that comes with advanced technology to ensure it provides the best performance.

It features a powerful clipper and a trimmer. This means you’d get the best of both worlds in case you want to groom your facial hair easily and shave your head. The trimmer would come in handy for such things.

Self-Sharpening Blades

The clipper features a self-sharpening precision ground blade design to cut through all hair types and sharpen itself while in use.

This means they would stay sharp longer and cut hair 40 percent faster vs. standard Wahl precision blades.

It also packs a powerful motor that saves you precious time so you can get more shaving done with single strokes.

The heavy-duty motor provides 50 percent more power than standard Wahl motors for no-snag cutting.

Detail Trimmer

The matching detail trimmer is perfect for men sporting a beard. The trimmer would help with trimming necklines and sideburns

Unlike the clipper, the trimmer would require 2 AA batteries for power. These batteries can’t be recharged and would have to be replaced when they run out of juice.

Fortunately, the battery would last a while so you won’t have to worry about replacements anytime soon.

Top-notch Battery Life

The Wahl Clipper 79600-2101 is a cordless option so it needs a battery to deliver its top-notch performance.

When it comes to battery, this clipper stands out from most options you will come across on the market.

It features a 2-hour runtime on a single charge. Charging the battery would take a while as expected. To get the battery charged, you would have to keep it plugged in for 3 – 5 hours.

Quick-Charge Feature

Waiting for almost 5 hours for the battery to get charged and get your head shaved will definitely take a while.

For those who need a quick shave, this clipper actually comes with a feature just for them, that is, the Quick Recharging feature. When plugged in for 10 minutes, this clipper will pack enough power for a quick shave.


  • 10-minute quick charge
  • 2-hour run time
  • Features self-sharpening precision ground blades
  • Holds charge for up to 1 year


  • The battery could fail after several months
  • Long charging time

Overall Assessment

Flaunting high battery capacity, a heavy-duty motor, and quick recharging, you should expect this clipper to be one of the most expensive options on the list.

However, it’s not. In fact, the Wahl Clipper 79600-2101 costs even less than corded options on this list and just as much as other cordless clippers that don’t come with a trimmer.

What are Balding Clippers?

Balding clippers are grooming tools that feature special blades designed to give a closer cut than regular clippers. These clippers feature ultra-close blades that will cut your hair as short as 0.2mm to 0.4mm.

What Is The Difference Between Bald Head Clippers And Regular Clippers?

The main difference between both options is how close the blades can cut.

Balding clippers are specialized clippers for men who want to achieve a closer cut. Balding clippers come with zero-gapped blades or allow for users to zero gaps in the device.

These blades can cut hair as short as 0.2mm or 0.4mm, which will help you achieve that nice bald look.

Regular clippers, on the other hand, feature adjustable blades to handle all types of hair lengths. They can cut the hair between 2.4mm to 0.5mm short.

Though you can make adjustments, these blades won’t help you achieve that ultra-close cut like balding clippers.

Best Balding Clippers For Black Hair: Buying Guide

Balding clippers aren’t like other options though they do come with similar features. If you’re going for a balding clipper, here are some things to have in mind before making a pick.


It would help if you always looked forward to what accessories will come with the clipper. High-quality balding clippers usually come with blade oil, guard combs, cleaning brush, shears, and small trimmer attachments.

Accessories are necessary, especially if your hair is dense. With the attachment combs, you can switch to the best option to help you take off hair step by step to prevent hair tugging and discomfort.


Ergonomics refers to the design of the balding clipper, which is an essential factor. The clipper you’re going for should be designed to fit easily into your hand so you can achieve a nice shave with ease

It should come with a handle that allows for a robust and steady grip while light enough to allow for easy use.

Noise Level

The market is filled with a mix of almost-silent clippers and those that would get your eardrums ringing after a shaving session.

When shopping, you should keep your eyes open for high-quality options with powerful super-silent motors that won’t cause you discomfort when you shave. You can find some best picks among the top brands in the industry.


The motor is the heart of the clipper. It will deliver all the power you need to shave correctly, so getting an option with a suitable motor is very important. When shopping, you will come across several types of clipper motors. They are:

Rotary Motor – Rotary motors deliver top-notch power and blade speed, so it is one of the best motors in the market. Many leading brands in their clippers use it. This motor is designed for all hair types – wet or dry.

Pivot Motor – The pivot motor delivers more power but less blade speed. If you’re going to be cutting thick, heavy, or wet hair, this motor would be the best option.

Magnetic Motor – This motor operates on AC and DC. They do not pack as much power as other motors and operate noisily.


While you would come across many models, the brand is the actual thing to focus on. Many brands have proven themselves, time and time again, making them the right pick for a first-timer.

Brands like Wahl, Andis, and Remington top the charts with their reliable products, making them the perfect choice. You can go for their most trusted models, which made it to this list.


The design is essential. They might not be used for styling since you’re shaving your head, but it is vital for shaving those hard-to-reach areas.

The clipper you go for should have an ergonomic design. Its handle should fit easily into your hand, and the body should be well-shaped to allow for easy use.

Build Quality

Not only the area of design but the build quality should be top-notch too. Build quality refers to the materials used in making the clipper.

You will come across clippers with break-resistant housing, which means you’d get a few years off those options even if they are dropped too many times

Also, the clipper you go for should be lightweight. Handling clippers tend to weigh on people since you’d be using one hand. Light options allow you to shave for several minutes without feeling hand fatigue.


The blades are one of the most critical components of a clipper, and their quality will determine if you would get a clean shave with a few strokes or if you would spend the whole day trying to get your head shaved.

Clippers come with different kinds of blades, which affect the price. Stainless steel blades dominate the market and cost less.

However, you might come across options with ceramic steel blades. These are pretty durable but might pack a hefty price. Your budget will get to decide which blade you’re going to get.

However, tons of affordable options come with high-quality blades, and you will find them in this list.

When it comes to blades for black hair, you should focus only on getting the best. As you know, black hair is coarse and thick, which means it would require more effort to shave than other hair types.

Self-sharpening Blades

Self-sharpening functionality is high-tech and can be found only in modern clippers. The deal behind this technology is that it would keep the blades from getting dull with regular use.

How it works is very simple. The blades will sharpen themselves while in use, so you always get to use sharp blades until they eventually wear out.

This technology helps the blades to last longer so that you will spend less on replacements.


The motor of a clipper will determine how fast it would shave and, thus, how long you would have to spend per session.

For the best performance, you would have to go for clippers with a powerful motor. However, watch out for options with powerful engines that tend to make a lot of noise.

These might help you shave faster, but you’d have to deal with the disturbing noise every time you shave.

The power of a motor is usually determined by the rotations per minute (RPM) or the spins per minute (SPM) it offers.

Simply put, the higher the RPM of SPM of the clipper, the more power it would deliver and the cleaner the cut would be.

Cord or Cordless

In terms of how clippers get power, there are two options to choose from. You will find corded options that usually come with a long power cord that would have to be plugged into an external power source.

Cordless options come with an internal rechargeable battery that would deliver power for a certain period.

Corded options will keep you going as long as there is power. However, you might be restricted by the power cord. Luckily, some options come with a long cord, so you’d have all the freedom you want.

If you’re going for cordless options, you should take the battery life and charging time into consideration.

Some batteries can go from 60 minutes to 2 hours, giving you enough time for several uses before running out of juice.

You should also check the recharge time. Some cordless shavers would last for only an hour but would need 2 – 4 hours to recharge.

Ease of Maintenance

Maintenance is essential to keep your blades sharp and ensure that your clipper is free from microorganisms leading to infections.

Whenever you shave, dirt and other particles get into the clipper head and become a breeding ground for micro-organisms.

Without proper maintenance, you would have to deal with health complications later on. Also, dirt and these other particles would affect your clipper’s performance.

They would clog up the system and also make your blades dull. This is why maintaining your clipper is very important. It would prolong its lifespan, giving you more years of use.

In some clippers, maintenance can be done using a cleaning brush to clear out the dirt and other particles. However, that might not effectively clean the razor.

You will come across options with waterproof capability. These clippers can be placed under a running tap and rinsed.

Also, you’re less likely to find a corded clipper with waterproof capability. Most waterproof clippers are cordless, and some even come with cleaning stations of their own.

To clean them, you would have to place them in the cleaning station, and the device would handle the rest.


When shopping for clippers that would give an excellent shave, your budget should be between $100 to $500, depending on much you’re ready to invest in a quality shaver.

Most shavers that come with extra features like self-sharpening technology will cost a bit more than others, but they’re usually worth it.


By now, you should navigate the market and make the right pick from the available options. You can start with the balding clippers for black hair on our list, or you can follow the tips from the buying guide as you go shopping.

Bald head clippers are designed to do some extra work than regular clippers, so when searching, ensure you stick to the most reliable options on the market.

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